Ready to Mix Preparations for Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Fagron EGFactor Repair and FluorOxy Repair are two products with an exclusive system that enables practitioners to instantly mix active ingredients avoiding any contamination and preserving the integrity of the formulation.

The products are mixed together at the moment of use by the practitioner combining sonicated Hyaluronic Acid with the specific ingredients targeted for the kind of treatment planned to be performed: Anti-Ageing, Lifting, Soothing or Wound-Healing.

EGFactor Repair Anti-Ageing

Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid + Growth Factors

Renews Cellular Turnover. Improves the Nutritional Cycle and Elasticity.

Growth Factors Growth Factors are encapsulated in nanosome microspheres that:

  1. Protect the growth factors from endogenous proteases
  2. Improve penetration into the skin, making them real “carriers”
  3. Ensure a very stable molecule with a double layer structure

Growth Factors modulate skin cellular metabolism, accelerate repair processes and improve elasticity.

A recent study demonstrates how the combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Growth Factors applied topically as post-operational skin care, is highly beneficial since the two active ingredients can work synergistically to accelerate wound healing.

According to another study, micro laser peel procedures in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid and Growth Factors combined, is significantly more effective in fighting against hyperpigmentation, improving fine lines, wrinkles and texture, as well as healing atrophic scars of the skin and benign keratoses.

Fagron EGFactor is suitable both as a stand-alone anti-ageing treatment and as a post-invasive procedure product when fast healing is needed.

FluorOxy Repair Post Treatment

Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid + Perfluorodecalin + Physalis Angulata

Induces faster healing for post-invasive procedure skin wounds, erythema, scarring and intradermal inflammation.


Perfluorodecalin can carry and bind up to 49% of its volume with oxygen. This property makes it one of the best ingredients in wound healing procedures. Several studies demonstrate that with the application of oxygen, inflammatory cells of the immune system that helps healing are activated.

By increasing oxygen levels, Perfluorodecalin significantly provides faster wound healing and reduced erythema and scarring.

The repairing and anti-inflammatory properties of Perfluorodecalin are also suitable after Q-switched and Nd:YAG laser treatments. Topical Perfluorodecalin is able to rapidly resolve clinical whitening and permits transmission of light within a few seconds after application.

Physalis Angulata

Physalis Angulata is a vegetable-origin active ingredient. It is extremely effective as a corticoid-like due to its immense immunomodulating and its “anti-photo-ageing” properties. Further, it increases serine proteases while maintaining and repairing skin collagen.

After in vitro tests that compared it with hydrocortisone, Physalis Angulata showed similar characteristics (decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines and inflammatory mediators with related enzymes) but not the collated effects commonly associated with cortico-steroids such as immunosuppression or reduced tissue growth factor (TGF).

Physalis Angulata decreases intradermal microinflammation, regulates temperature, provides protection against infrared rays and visible light and increases collagen. FluorOxy Repair also contains Bisabolol, a very well known anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing ingredient.