SyrSpend® SF

An innovative vehicle range for preparing oral liquid dosage forms

Based on food starch, SyrSpend® SF’s superior suspending properties provide consistent, individual dosing throughout treatment.

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SyrSpend® SF

The excellent compatibility with a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and meticulous ingredient choice make SyrSpend® SF suitable for preparing safe and stable customised medication for many patients groups.

The SyrSpend® SF range consists of a ready-to-use liquid vehicle and an alkaline suspending vehicle for acid-unstable APIs.

Active Suspending Technology

SyrSpend® SF employs active suspending technology, which ensures high dosing accuracy and consistency throughout treatment:

  • Low viscosity when shaken eases rehomogenisation
  • High viscosity at reast keeps the drug particles safely suspended

Benefits of SyrSpend® SF

  • Innovative and highly stable suspensions based on modified food starch
  • Formulated using safe and well-tolerated ingredients
  • Optimal palatability and taste-masking properties for improved compliance
  • Gastrointestinal friendly (osmolality
  • Compatibility with a broad range of APIs
  • API stability supported by peer-reviewed scientific articles
  • Compatible with all enteral feeding tubes
  • Convenient vehicles for safe, efficient and high-quality compounding

An overview of all published stability studies can be found here.

Time-lapse video of SyrSpend® SF vs traditional suspending vehicle