Discover the flexibility of compounded medications

The benefits of compounded medications

Compounded medications offer doctors the flexibility to prescribe the appropriate strength, route of administration and combination of active ingredients. This allows you to determine the optimum approach for each patient.

Compounded medications allow you to:

  • Prescribe doses that are not commercially available
  • Avoid an ingredient that the patient cannot tolerate
  • Convert an oral medication to a topical cream in order to bypass first-pass metabolism
  • Offer combinations of medications in one vehicle.

Compounding offers a solution when commercially available drugs are not appropriate, or not available. This can improve your patient’s health and enhance your practice. Compounded medications may be used to:

  • Improve patient compliance
  • Limit dosage strengths
  • Expand limited dosage strengths that are commercially available
  • Expand limited dosage forms that are commercially available
  • Provide a discontinued drug
  • Provide a drug that is temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer
  • Provide drugs for clinical studies