An anhydrous ointment base with a unique, innovative formulation that provides both occlusion and hydration effects

The preservative-free vehicle offers an ideal compounding vehicle for a broad range of lipophilic and hydrophilic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and dermaceutical ingredients (DCIs)


Occluvan is especially designed to enhance the permeation of the incorporated ingredients into deeper skin layers. This skin-friendly ointment suits the needs of (very) dehydrated and affected skin. Designed according to the latest insights into topical vehicle safety and tolerance, Occluvan™ is free of harmful, obsolete and controversial ingredients.

Benefits of Occluvan

  • Hydrophilic protective ointment base
  • Easy spreadability for improved patient comfort
  • Occlusive, emollient, protective and humectant effects
  • Preservative-free
  • Skin-friendly formulation
  • Especially suitable for (very) dehydrated and affected skin
  • Unique water-absorbing property for flexible compounding
  • Scientifically studied to be compatible with a broad range of APIs and DCIs
  • Simple three-step compounding process
  • Enhances permeation of incorporated ingredients into deeper skin layers